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All Maps in One Site!

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  • Store all maps in one place
  • Save all map versions
  • Compare map differences
Edge Cloud


  • Create mark points with specific direction
  • Create path from start position to end position
  • Create blocking areas where robots shouldn't reach
  • Detailed Documents


  • Simple API with open source SDK
  • Generate Costmap from 3D Map
  • Handle different Costmap Resolution

Upcoming Features!

Permission and version control for collaboration and sharing
ROS1 and ROS2 package supporting. Will be open source
3D map vector builder & editing
Simulation worlds from maps


How much does it cost?
We will always have free tier. We will launch price later.
How does it help for map management?
No more google drive, code commits, scp, or emails. Quick API call to access all maps.
How does it help for map editing?
No more GIMP or creating map management tools. All editing in one place. Fast and Easy.
Do we have to use ROS?
No. You could use our SDK to fetch data and use them on any system.
How soon can I use it?
It's already online, please visit: https://portal.motivedge.io
How do we get in contact?
Email us hi@motivedge.io,
follow us on twitter @motivedge_io,,
or create issues on github.